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Discover Sichuan is a local Sichuan tour operator based in Chengdu with CITS (Sichuan), as a local tourism specialist, we know better where, when and how to travel in Sichuan; Discover Sichuan with us, see more than Panda and Buddha! Feel free to contact us for classic Sichuan tours or get customized tours.

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Local Sichuan tour operator in Chengdu! Trusted international big brand of CITS! Discover Sichuan beyond Panda & Buddha!
Hot Sichuan Tours
Jiuzhaigou Tours
Jiuzhaigou Tours Fairyland of the World Nature Heritage Sites presents you the best waterscape in the world
Leshan & Mt. Emei Tours
Leshan & Mt. Emei Tours Only World Culture & Nature Heritage in Sichuan includes sacred mountain and record-high Buddha
Dujiangyan Tours
Dujiangyan Tours To reveal the secret of project wonder & to discover the source of Chinese religion & mindset
Panda Tours
Panda Tours The nearest (15km) panda base with the largest pandas population to downtown of Chengdu, the mostly visited one
As an inland province, except seascape, Sichuan boasts all the best landscapes in China. No matter what unique experience you expect, there is always a place in Sichuan to fulfill. If you are not interested in the enclosed pandas at Chengdu Panda Base, and then you can try your luck on wild ones at Wolong Nature Reserve; if you think world's tallest Buddha--Leshan Giant Buddha is not high enough, and then you can visit world's largest Buddhist institute of Seda Wuming Buddhist Institute that located nearly 4000 meters high... view more
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Chengdu Panda Base Tours The nearest (15km) panda base with the largest pandas population to downtown of Chengdu, the mostly visited one
Chengdu Panda Base Tours
Dujiangyan Panda Base Tours Advanced panda base for health care and disease control for giant pandas of Wolong CCRCGP, tranquil & less touristy
Dujiangyan Panda Base Tours
Wolong Panda Base Tours New base after the old damaged in earthquake, highly simulated to panda’s habitat, hidden in the big mountains of Wolong Nature Reserve
Wolong Panda Base Tours
Ya'an Panda Tours Ya’an Bifengxia Panda Base is currently, without any doubt, the most naturally beautiful base among all the bases in Sichuan.
Ya'an Panda Tours