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Kasa Lake

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Kasa Lake Introduction

Kasa Lake is a typical plateau fresh water lake lying in the Yugu Town, west of Luhuo County and 3510 meters above sea level. It covers nearly 2 square kilometers, surrounded on the three sides by mountain. The lake is vast and deep, and is like a mirror if one has an overview of it from the distance. The mountains are covered with natural alpine meadows as well as herds of yaks and sheep wandering at ease. The monasteries are reflected in the water, together with the blue sky and white clouds. The lake is so perfect a combination of everything that one will surely indulge oneself in the beauty of the scenery.

Kasa Lake

The lake also has a good biodiversity. Various animals inhabit here, and plants grow vigorously here. One can observe dozens of species of waterfowls capering on the water, including the national protected animal Red-Crowned Crane. During the breeding season, the neighborhood becomes a natural nursery. Deep in the lake, schools of fishes swim freely, empathized by the pilgrims who are seeking liberty. The whole world of the lake is like a paradise on earth blessed by Mother Nature and Buddha. In summer, the blossoms open in all their glory and lush grass grows in their exuberance. When there is a rainfall, the rainbow flies over the lake. In autumn, every day come azure and full of sunshine, with bluer waters and golden fields. In winter and spring, the lake freezes over, becoming a natural rink.