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Manigange Introduction

In Tibetan, Maniganggo means “Place of Transfer”. This county locates at the foot of Chola Mountain, 110 kilometers to the southeast of Dege County. This town occupies the last fork the national road 317(G317) in the northwest of Sichuan Province, which connects Shiqu (220km) and Yushu (360km) in the north; Dege (110km) and Tibet Autonomous Region in the west; and Garze (90km) in the south. As a result, Maniganggo has been a traffic fort since the ancient times. Without exception, vehicles and passengers from other places of the country all choose here to supplement provision and refresh, making this small town crowded with trade caravans and travelers day and night.


There is only one street in Manigange, with arrays of Tibetan bungalow alongside. The comers and goers in the town are all representative Khampa people with red hair band and Tibetan broadsword. There are also many tough and weather-beaten herdsmen who ride to the town. Just like the movie plots, they tie the horses at the specialized stakes, and then stay at the Tibetan wooden house, shopping, drinking and singing. Their singing is vivid and gentle, which makes Manigange have the reputation of “cowboy town in western China”.


Speaking to Manigange, there is no reason to leave out Yilhun Lhatso (Xinlu hai Lake), which locates 15 km away from the town. Yilhun Lhatso is a gigantic lake, converging crystal glacier melting down from the 5,000-meter-high Chola Mountain. Encompassed by dense vegetation of   plateau spruce, fir, cypress, rhododendron and meadow, plus the embellishment of blue sky, white clouds, glittering glaciers on snow-topped peaks and exuberant green hill, the beautiful landscape of Yilhun Lhatso is by no means inferior to that of Jiuzhaigou Valley. The verdurous lake surface looks like a mirror, reflecting the nearby snow mountain, and even highlighting the Marnyi Stone, which is fully engraved with scriptures. All these serene scenes make Manigange a Pure Land of Buddha.


Friendly reminders:

1. Calf-sized Tibetan mastiffs disperse over the town. When you meet a mastiff unchained, please do not to be afraid of it, as it would not bite you no matter how big it is. However, when you meet those dogs tied, never provoke them, no matter how little they are.

2. Manigange locates 3,880 meters above sea level. So it may be possible for you to easily suffer from altitude stress if you are a new arrival. You’d better have a buffer period on half way. Actually, Kangting, Danba or Garze are all places deserve to stay.

3. The distance from Manigange to Derge County takes about 110 km. And on the half way, you have to climb over Chola Mountain, which is more than 5,000 meters. The peak is enveloped in clouds, with a spectacular and changeable scene. Please be careful driving and pay attention to the precaution of altitude stress.