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Tagong Grassland

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Tagong Grassland Introduction

Tagong Grassland is located in Tagong Town, Kangding of Sichuan Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture at an elevation of 3730 meters, and is about 113 kilometers from Kangding, with Sichuan-Tibet Highway passing through. Backing against the famous Haizi Shan Mountain, Tagong Grassland possesses flat terrain, plenty water and lush grass and groups of flocks and herds, within which there are such spots as Tagong Temple, Muya Gold Tower and Yala Snow Mountain, etc.

 Tagong Grassland

Tagong Temple, a famous Sakya temple with a history of over 1000 years, is an important holy land for the Tibetans of Kangba district to worship. “Tagong” means “the place Bodhisattva likes” in Tibetan language. It is said that when Wen Cheng Princess passed by this place on her way to Tibet, the Sakyamuni figure she carried on suddenly started to talk and expressed he was willing to stay here. Princess Wencheng immediately ordered to reproduce a same figure with gold sands on site and left it in Tagong. Thus, Tagong is famous in Kham area, and there is often a saying that “If you have no chance to go to Lhasa for pilgrimage, it will be of the same merits and virtues to go on your pilgrimage in Tagong Temple”.

Yala Snow Mountain means “eastern white yak mountain” in Tibet language, and is called “the second Shambhala” in Tibetan ancient literature. Shambhala means the place where immortal lives. It is one the eight holy mountains in Tibetan area with an elevation of 5884 meters, covered with snow all year round and facing the northwest Moerduo Holy Mountain at a distance.

 Tagong Grassland

Muya Gold Tower was constructed in 1997 with the donation of Zhuqing Monastery which is one of the six Buddhist monasteries of Nyingma sect, with more than 100 kg gold used during construction. It is said that five-color auspicious clouds and seven-color light rings appeared in the sky during the consecration of the temple. Muya Gold Tower is a mandala type Buddhist temple building, with the roof coated with gold. It has three floors altogether, respectively representing the three treasures - Buddha, Dharma and Sangha, as well as the three Buddhayana– Mahayana, Hinayana and Tantrayana. On the exterior eaves of the tower, there are such gold-coated ornaments as gold deer, Trionyx head, redpoll and bodhisattva banner, etc.