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Sichuan Festival Tours

Sichuan Festival ToursHistoric and abundant Sichuan is also a harmonious land with plenty of ethnic minorities living; it boasts China’ only habitat for the Qiang People in northern Sichuan, as well as the largest habitat for the Yi People in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture plus the second largest habitat for the Tibetan People in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Rich and characteristic ethnic minority cultures brought up a diversified Sichuan with many interesting and fascinating folk festivals which comprehensively showcases Sichuan people’s wisdom on life, religion, diet, costume and etc.

There are lots of authentic festivals and ceremonies all year around, no matter in the hot summer or freezing winter, you can find a festival to experience. What we recommend you are not some sponsored commercial festivals popularized in recent years but some authentic folk festivals that have been in history for at least hundreds of years, such as, the Water-Releasing Festival at Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, the Litang Horse Racing Festival in western Sichuan Tibetan area, Mountain Worship Festival at Mt. Siguniang, Buddha Exhibition Festival at Langmusi and Jiarong Tibetan Festival in Danba County.

Eight Days Litang Horse Racing Festival Tour

Duration: Eight days Departure: 28th, July, 2017
Dujiangyan Irrigation Project, Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base, Wolong Nature Reserve, Mt. Siguniang, Jiaju Tibetan Village, Tagong Grassland, Xinduqiao Town, Litang Monastery, Renkang House, Litang Horse Racing Festival, Luding Bridge, Moxi Ancient Town
The Horse Racing Festival in Litang is known as the most brilliant and magnificent one across the whole Tibetan area for the strong Khampa warriors flavor there. It’s more than horse racing yet a plateau gala to understand Tibetans profoundly.
D1-D2: Chengdu-Siguniangshan
D3: Siguniangshan-Xinduqiao
D4: Xinduqiao-Litang
D5-D6: Horse Racing Festival
D7: Litang-Moxi Ancient Town
D10: Moxi Ancient Town-Chengdu

Four Days Mt. Siguniang Mountain-Worship Festival Tour

Duration: Four days Departure: 28th, May, 2017
Mt. Siguniang, Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base, Wolong Nature Reserve, Dujiangyan Irrigation Project
Brief: The second highest mountain in Sichuan of 6250 meters stands only 200 km away from Chengdu; this surely is the best and most convenient chance to experience an authentic Tibetan festival in a quick and profound way.
D1: Chengdu-Siguniangshan
D2: Worship Festival
D3: Mt. Siguniang
D4: Siguniangshan-Chengdu