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Dagu Glacier

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Dagu Glacier Travel Guide

1.Dagu Glacier is located in Heishui County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous  Prefecture in Sichuan Province, part of the China· Aba· Grand Jiuzhai Scenic Zone. Within the scenic areas there are dense virgin forests and great biodiversity, including Sichuan Golden Monkey, Tibetan macaque, antelope, argali and other rare wild animals. They are in large population, and large quantity, and are with high rate of visibility in the open field. Here glaciers, snow-capped mountains and virgin forests, together with rhododendron forest groves, Tibetan village, mountain lakes, meadows, making an interesting landscape painting; more attractive are the U-shaped valley, ice bucket, ice chute Lake, ancient glacier falls and other glacial erosion landform relics.

 2. All the year round it is suitable to visit Dagu Glacier: in May and June, thousands of acres of alpine rhododendron complete in blossoming to outshine each other; from July to September it is a great summer resort. Since 2014, Dagu Glacier has held mountain bike competition every year, attracting cyclist challengers from everywhere; in October and November, as Asia's largest red leaves tourist area, the Glacier Color Forest Festival is held every year, a paradise for photographers. From December to April next year, you can watch snow and ice, with the natural skating rink inviting you for an enjoyment.

Dagu Glacier

3. Dagu Glacier belongs to the alpine climate, with its weather changeable. Hat,   scarf, gloves, none of which can be forgotten, together with warm clothing against the wind, umbrella, medicine against altitude stress and vacuum cup to bring hot water. You can also bring a portable oxygen tank in case you over worry. The glacier reflects strong sunlight and ultraviolet ray, so you need to wear sunglasses and pay attention to prevent sunburn. The Glacier is in ethnic areas, so pay attention to respect the local customs.

4. The scenic spot is 9 kilometers away from the Heishui County, and there is no restaurant in the glacier region. So you need purchase food in the county. It is recommended to bring food with high calorie, such as Snickers, chocolate, beef jerky and so on, along with a certain amount of water or fruit.

Dagu Glacier

5. Dagu Glacier often provides joint ticket discount activity together with other scenic spots in the surrounding areas, so you can check the consultation before setting off. The scenic area all the year round offers preferential price, with the original 200yuan/person down to a promotion price of 120 yuan/person. After entering the scenic area, you must take the unified sightseeing car which costs RMB 70 / person, but if you come too early in the morning, when there are only a few tourists, the drivers and guides would suggest to wait a little while and then to set off the bus. Sight-seeing buses drive from the grand gate to the cableway, the single drive of which is about 30 kilometers, with Golden Monkey Lake, Tibetan macaque viewing area, Tibetan customs experience area Dagu ancient Tibetan village, alpine pasture recreational area along the way, where tourists can get off at the favorite attractions. After the sightseeing they can get on the bus again with the original ticket to move on. When reaching the cableway, you can buy the round trip ticket of RMB 180 / person. The ropeway is an 8-person box, the tallest elevation tourism cableway in the world, with the single drive taking about 15 minutes. You can have a bird's eye view of the east side landscape, which includes the Dongtso and Riyue Lake, glacier and clouds and other landscapes. The cableway leads directly to the hinterland of the glacier with an attitude of 4860 meters, after which you can take a rest in the sunshine lounge, or you can walk out of the plank road to enjoy a view of the clouds and waterfalls, Lucky Slope, and an overlook of the holy mountain of Luogesi.

6. Chengdu Chadianzi Bus Station has three shuttle buses every morning bound for the Heishui County, respectively at 7:20, 9:00 and 11:30, with the entire journey of approximately 4 hours. After reaching the county, you can also take a local small van to scenic area, which takes about 0.5 hour.

Dagu Glacier

7. When touring the ancient glacier you can find accommodation in the Heishui County. You can also travel a few miles near the scenic area and find star-rated hotels in Luhua Town. Also available are Tibetan guesthouses, where you can experience the amorous feelings of the Tibetan area.



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