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Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village

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Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village Introduction

Jiaju Tibetan Village is the most unique tourist attraction in Danba County, located in the territory of Danba County in Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Shichuan and about 8 kilometers away from the County. "Jiaju" means a hundred of households in the Tibetan language. Jiaju Tibetant Village extends upward layer by layer along Dajin River Valley up to the foot of Kapama Mountains. The whole village meanders and stretches by the rolling mountains, with blocks of Tibetan buildings scattering in green trees along the mountainside with an altitude difference of near 1 kilometer. Some scatter like stars or men on a chessboard and some distribute densely on mountain cliffs or in green shades, sometimes veiled in smoke spiraling from kitchens, which present us an artistic Arcadian picture together with the inspirational valleys, clear streams and pure white snow peaks. In 2005, "Danba Tibetan Village", with Jiaju Tibetant Village as the representative, was awarded as the top of the "China's Six Most Beautiful Ancient Villages" by Chinese National Geography.

Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village

Jiaju Tibetan Village comprises of many unique Tibetan buildings, one for each household. Generally, such unique buildings face south, some standing by each other in groups of threes and fours and some rising alone far away from others. Each building, of stone-wood structure, covers an area of about 200 square meters and is over 15 meters high, fully preserving the essential features of Jiarong dwellings, such as adopting original materials and technologies and maintaining the traditional and simple styles. Despite some changes with the continuous development of history, the traditional style and the charm of offspring Tibetan are not affected.

Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village

The wood frame and the eave of a Jiaju dwelling are all red. The wall above the second floor is in white or in both primary color and white. The whole building is like a devout Buddhist who is making sutra chanting sitting solemnly with his legs crossing. Hundreds of dwellings rise high and low by mountains in the natural environment, which reflects the concept of "Nature and Man in One". For each building, the first floor is for livestock, and the upper floors respectively serve as kitchen, storeroom, living room, sutra hall and turret (family blockhouse), among which there are courtyard and open-air balcony respectively on the second and third floor. The outer walls of most of the houses are painted in white, brown and blank circle stripes with the pattern of sun, month and stars and religious patterns, showing beautiful and tidy appearances.

Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village

On the eve of the Spring Festival every year, the householders elaborately paint on the wall with the white dye which is mainly made of the local white mud according to the formula, as if the whole Tibetan village is in beautiful white dresses.

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