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Deng Xiaoping-s Hometown

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Deng Xiaoping-s Hometown Introduction

Deng Xiaoping’s Hometown tourist attraction, located in the town of Xiexing on the outskirt of Guang’an in Sichuan Province, covers a total area of 3.19 square kilometers and is 300 kilometers from Chengdu. Centered on Deng Xiaoping’s Former Residence, a 55.3-hectare ecological Memorial Hall was built in this area. With a green coverage rate above 80%, the whole hall forms an admirable “Natural Memorial”, taking on a lush, orderly and natural look. Themed by “I am the Son of Chinese People”, the Memorial Hall presents vividly Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s glorious life devoted to the unremitting striving for the revolution, nation-building and the cause of opening-up in People’s Republic of China.

Deng Xiaoping\'s Hometown

Presently, there are about 20 main scenic spots in Deng Xiaoping’s Hometown, such as the Hanlin Academician Mansion, the Cocoonery Courtyard, the Tomb of Deng Shaochang, the Old Well of the Dengs’ and so on, fully demonstrating the footprints of Comrade Deng Xiaoping.

Deng Xiaoping’s Bronze Statue Square: Deng Xiaoping’s Bronze Statue Square covers an area of approximately 1.73 hectares (26 mu). Surrounded by woody mountains on three sides, like sitting in a seat, the statue looks solemn but easy in such a natural environment full of green and peace. The statue is 2.5 meters tall and weighs 1.8 tons. Five big characters “Deng Xiao Ping Bronze Statue” are engraved right on the front of the statue’s base. The statue takes on a mild countenance with thin cheeks and keen and deep eyes. Deng Xiaoping sits on the chair with a smile on his face, looking affectionately at the mountains and rivers in his hometown. It looks like that he shook off all travel fatigue and returned to his hometown, staying permanently in the heart of his fellow townspeople.

Deng Xiaoping\'s Hometown

Deng Xiaoping Exhibition Hall: Deng Xiaoping Exhibition Hall is themed by “I am the Son of Chinese People”, occupying an area of 1800 square kilometers and extending to 300 meters. The Exhibition is composed of six units: “Going out of Guang’an”, “A Military Career”, “Arduous Exploration”, “Special Years”, “Initiating a Great Cause” and “Hello, Xiaoping”. There are 200 display boards and more than 170 showcases in the exhibition and 170 cultural and historical relics and over 200 archival materials as well. 408 pictures are picked out and 4 settings are re-presented in the exhibition. Wall paintings work together with the world’s first digital movie projection technology of three-machine consecutive projection and multimedia display system to make up a living three-dimensional space, displaying vividly the great and legendary experiences of Deng Xiaoping in an all-round way. The historical scenes of great significance are re-presented one by one, and historical truths are recovered to the audience. All embody the general idea that emphasizes distinctive features, rich contents and novel designs.

Deng Xiaoping’s Memorial Hall: This is another important memorial place for cherishing the memory of Deng Xiaoping’s elevated manner. Built between Deng Xiaoping Exhibition Hall and Deng Xiaoping’s Former Residence, the memorial hall adheres to the design concept of “Coming back Home”. Its architectural design is guided by the concept of closing to nature and tender affections. It functions to display the living and working scenes of Deng Xiaoping before his death, with a main display on real relics. This is to highlight an ordinary Deng Xiaoping behind political scenes, expressing a feeling of “People’s leader is loved by his people”.

Deng Xiaoping\'s Hometown

Deng Xiaoping Former Residence: Deng Xiaoping Former Residence is composed of three single-story buildings in the east, south and north respectively. The whole courtyard covers an area of 833.4 square meters and hosts a total of 17 rooms. The overhanging gable roof with grey tiles and the column and tie load-bearing system, with exquisite workmanship and unique style, represent typical vernacular dwellings in Eastern Sichuan.

The Cocoonery Courtyard: The Cocoonery Courtyard is one of the Major Historical and Cultural Sites Protected at the National Level. Built in the last years of Qing Dynasty, it was the Dengs’ workshop for silkworm rearing and silk reeling. The exhibition in the Cocoonery Courtyard is composed of the preface, the cocoonery, the cluster room, reeling and weaving, the history and culture of silk and the population of scientific knowledge on silk.

Deng Xiaoping\'s Hometown

Hanlin Academician Mansion: Hanlin Academician Mansion is one of the Major Historical and Cultural Sites Protected at the National Level. The mansion, built in the 19th century, was the old house resided by Deng Xiaoping’s ancestors. It has a history of more than 200 years by now. It is a big mansion composed of two sets of quadrangle courtyard, with typical column and tie construction, overhanging gable roof and grey roof covering. Covering an area of 2219 square meters, the whole courtyard hosts a total of 36 rooms of various sizes with a floor space of 1671 square meters. The decorations on windows and doors are quite exquisite. The types of plinth vary from one another and the carvings on it are quite distinctive.

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