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Dzogchen Monastery

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Dzogchen Monastery Introduction

Dzogchen Monastery is located at Dzogchen Village that is about 165km away from Dege County, the altitude there is about 4000 meters with a stunning environment of plateau glacier, original forests and wild pasture around. Dzogchen Monastery is one of the six great monasteries of the Nyingma sect, the earliest Buddhist sect in Tibet. It was established in 1685 by HE Dzogchen Pema Rinzin. He was the most outstanding Dzogchen master of his time and Dzogchen teacher to His Holiness the Great Fifth Dalai Lama.  

Dzogchen Monastery

In Tibetan, "Dzogchen" means "Great Perfection", because the monastery is the cradleland of great perfection practice of Vajrayana Buddhist tradition. So far, thousands of practioners have attained enlightment and more than 60 disciples have attained rainbow body, so the Dzogchen Monastery is regarded as one of the most holy areas in Tibet. Gradually, the monastery grew to include seven hundred branch monasteries with tens of thousands of lamas and millions of followers throughout Kham, Amdo, Aisa and in the world at large.  The Dzogchen Monastery continued to flourish until the 1960s during the Cultural Revolution period, and since the early 1980s the monastery has been undergoing reconstruction and it is currently home to over two hundred and fifty monks from home and abroad. Numerous teachings, empowerments and prayer festivals are held throughout the year, as well as the annual opera dance of King Gesar; the opera of King Gesar is said to originate from Dzogchen Monastery, and it is performed by the lama dancers of Dzogchen Monastery.

Dzogchen Monastery 

The Dzogchen Monastery is the main pilgrimage site associated with the qualities of enlightenment in the Kham region, it consists a number of blessed and holy sites to visit, such as the Dzogchen Shri Singha Five Sciences University, Dzogchen Meditation Retreat Center, and the Holy Dzogchen Natural Mountain Caves.

Dzogchen Shri Singha Five Sciences University is one of the main centers of learning in Tibet and enjoys a reputation for scholarly excellence. The university is famous in Tibet and world-wide for the standard of education it provides. Students come from all over Tibet to study at Shira Sing University and graduate Khenpos are regularly invited to other universities to act as guest professors for extended periods. Each resident monk receives accommodation, three hot meals every day and a monthly allowance, all provided by the monastery. All classes are given free, in the traditional spirit of Buddhism. Currently there are over two hundred and fifty monks resident in Shira Sing. They follow a twelve year course of study which culminates in being awarded the title of Khenpo, the equivalent of a doctorate in Buddhism.

Dzogchen Monastery 

Dzogchen Meditation Retreat Center is a newly built retreat center and monastery complex dedicated to the teaching and practice of the Dzogchen tradition. It is situated deep in the Dzogchen valley, and is a natural heaven for peaceful reflection and meditation. The center provides teaching and retreat facilities mainly for Tibetan monks and nuns, and guest accommodation is usually available for visitors.

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