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Hailuogou National Glacier Forest Park Travel Guide

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  1. Hailuogou Glacier Park, located in Luding County, is on the eastern side of Gongga Mountain, the king of mountains in Sichuan. The reason for Hailuogou’s worldwide fame lies in its spectacular contemporary glaciers at low altitude. Hailuogou credited by several “mosts”, such as the most spectacular mountain glacier among regions of the same latitude, the most magnificent ice fall in China and the most intact ecological vegetation landscape in West Sichuan.
  2. Hailuogou Glacier Park is home to the miraculous hot spring of snow region. These hot springs, concentrated near No. 2 Campsite, are medical mineral springs of high quality. It is very good for people’s health in terms of medical care, no matter used for bathing or drinking. Besides Yanzigou and Yajiageng in the resort, there is also Hongshitan, another special scenery in Hailuogou. Looking into the distance, you could see that each rock is covered with a beautiful red coat and piling up along the river, thus forming a flowing red stream, which flows down with the clear water.
    Hailuogou Glacier Park
  3. Hailuogou takes on its most charming look in winter. The tourists flow volume reaches its highest between November to the following April every year. Abundant snow and quite a few sunny days allow tourists to see the most complete glacier and snow peaks in Hailuogou. When the temperature rise in summer, part of the glacier would melt. And when the rainy season comes, there would be a risk of landslide and mud-rock flow on the mountain road. In addition, it is also a nice option to visit Hailuogou in autumn. It is warmer in autumn than in winter and the snow mountains which melted in summer would reappear when the temperature goes up. At this time of the year, the primitive forest in Hailuogou are tinted all over and red leaves covering the whole place, forming a colorful landscape. Since the temperature in Hailuogou is much lower than in Chengdu all the year round, it is advised that tourists take warm clothes with you, in particular for those who want to pay a visit to campsites at high altitude. For those who love hiking, alpenstock and skid proof shoes are necessary.
  4. There are four campsites of different landscapes at different altitudes in Hailuogou Glacier Park. The No.1 Campsite is 1940 meters high and the main vegetation landscape is a vast of Chinese yews. The famous Gongga Shentang hot spring lies between the gate and No.1 Campsite. The No.2 Campsite is 2580 meters high. There is primitive forest of excessive charm, the most widely distributed hot springs and the cabin in The Chronicles of Narnia. (Due to the mud-rock flow in 2014, No.2 Campsite presently could only provide spa and the accommodation is yet to restore.) No.3 Campsite is 2940 meters high and hailed as the kingdom of azalea. Tourists could see the spectacle of “the sunshine on golden mountain” in a sunny morning. Therefore, if you want to see that, you must get up early. The best time to see the spectacle is around 6:40 a.m. in spring and summer and 7:20 a.m. in autumn and winter. Here tourists could seek a lodge in Jinshan or Yinshan Hotel in No.3 Campsite, but the hotels at the foot of the mountain are much better. No.4 Campsite is the essence of Hailuogou Glacier Park. Here you could see an ice fall of 1100 meters high, watch from a distance into the major peak of Gongga Mountain range and experience an intimate contact with the glaciers.
    Hailuogou Glacier Park
  5. Ticket: Hailuogou: 92 RMB per head; tour bus: 70 RMB per head; cable car: 150 RMB per head (round trip). Opening hours: 7:30-12:30 (in summer and autumn); 8:30-12:30 (in spring and winter).
  6. Hailuogou has a relatively high altitude, thus tourists should be very careful about the altitude sickness. It is advised to take a small oxygen bottle and not to do strenuous exercise. The ultraviolet radiation, sunlight and sunlight reflection is quite strong in highland region; therefore, tourists who go outdoors for long hours should protect their skins well. And in order to prevent snow blindness, tourists should wear sunglasses. Tourists who go hiking must take some supplies such as chocolate and beef jerky. You must also take a vacuum cup because drinking hot water is good for your health. At last, it is risky to tour on glacier so tourists should not take action freely on the glacier. When watching the big waterfall, you are forbidden to go across the blockade line. When you go through the loose bed of abrupt slope and gravels before entering into the glacier, you should be careful of the stones at your foot and be aware of the falling stones on the hill and the slump of ice front, such as slipping over on the ice or fall into the crack of ice or ice caves.
    Hailuogou Glacier Park
  7. There is only one run of bus every day from Xin’nanmen Bus Station of Chengdu to Hailuogou Glacier Park. It departs at 9:30. The travel fee is 111 RMB and it takes about 7 hours. Tourists who take this bus could only stay in Moxi Ancient Town or No.1 Campsite on the first night.
  8. Hailuogou Glacier Park is highly developed with rather complete supporting facilities. The resort provides lots of places for accommodation of good conditions. There are many hotels in Moxi Ancient Town in the front of Hailuogou, offering many choices for tourists. And the price ranges from 50 to 200 per head.
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