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Huanglong Valley

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Huanglong Valley Introduction

Huanglong Valley is a national 5A tourist attraction located in Songpan County 336 kilometers north of Chengdu and about 100 kilometers away from Jiuzhaigou Valley, and was inscribed in World Heritage List by UNESCO in 1992 along with Jiuzhaigou Valley.

Huanglong Valley

Lying at the foot of Mount Xuebaoding of Minshan ranges, Huanglong Valley is a travertine ridge rising gradually from south to north, and looks much like a leaping dragon sleeping in the embrace of snow peaks and glaciers. About 7.5 kilometers long and 1.5 kilometers wide, Huanglong Valley is featured by its major landscape - the large-scale travertine landscape with unique structure and rich colors, and is the largest and best-preserved karst landform in the world with diverse structures. In Huanglong Valley, there are more than 2300 color pools gathering into 8 groups upward along the valley, each group having distinct and unique features. The color pools randomly distribute up the stairs from the start of the valley, looking like terraced fields and reflecting fantastic colors; the shimmering and glittering streams run on the shallow; the gorgeous azaleas and flaming maple leaves all over the mountain look spectacular against the colorful pools, which reveal the radiant look of the dragon.

Huanglong Valley

Besides, there are many endangered animals in this region, such as giant pandas and snub-nosed golden monkeys of Sichuan. The region has a plateau temperate & subtropical monsoon climate, and thus is moist and cold with long winter, short summer as well as connected spring and autumn in a year. Huanglong Valley has an average elevation of over 3000 meters, which makes it important to prevent altitude sickness.

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