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Jinli Ancient Street

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Jinli Ancient Street Introduction

Jinli Ancient Street is located next to Wu Hou Shrine and is a famous pedestrian and commercial street in Chengdu. According to historical records, Jinli was once one of the oldest and commercially most vibrant streets in west Sichuan and was famous nationwide as early as the Qin dynasty, the Han dynasty and the Three Kingdoms Period. Zhuge Liang, prime minister of the Shu Kingdom, had set up a dedicated administrative institution and moved all the brocade business here, so the street gained its name as "Jinli (place for brocade)". In the Song and Tang dynasties respectively Jinli was synonymous with the city of Chengdu. Now the street runs to 550 meters in total and features Sichuan folk culture and Three Kingdoms Period culture with imitation ancient buildings in the style of the late Qing dynasty and early Nationalist Period. Well laid out, this ancient street has different sections for bars, Sichuan snacks, inns and souvenirs.

Jinli Ancient Street

Artisans specialized in clay figures and candy pictures can be seen here. In addition to teahouses, coffee shops, bars and inns, there are all kinds of Sichuan snacks, stores featuring the culture of the Three Kingdoms Period, shadow play, and even a chopsticks store. A commercial street showcasing Chengdu folk culture, the street feels serene and quaint. It would be a great pity if one misses out on the snacks here. Sichuan snacks have a long history, great varieties and unique flavors. Jinli Street gets all the famous snacks from all over Sichuan and has them made and sold right before tourists' eyes. The most famous of them are San Da Pao (a sweet snack, literally meaning "three gunshots"), beef cakes, Huang Lao Zhao (glutinous rice flour soup), stinky Tofu, spicy and sour pig's intestines, cold noodles, sweet rice balls etc.

Jinli Ancient Street

Thanks to Wu Hou Shrine, the famous tourist attraction, Jinli is getting more and more well-known as the tourism slogan "visiting Wu Hou Shrine and enjoying yourself at Jinlin" has spread far and wide. In 2005 Jinli won the title "One of the Pedestrian and Commercial Streets in Ten Cities Nationwide". Dubbed as the "first street in west Sichuan, the street is even compared to "Along the River in the Qingming Festival", a famous Chinese painting showing the urban life in the Song dynasty. In 2006, the street was awarded the title "National Model Base for the Cultural Industry" by the Ministry of Culture.

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