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Kuan & Zhai Alley

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Kuan & Zhai Alley Introduction

Built in the last years of Kangxi Reign, the Kuan & Zhai Alley is one of the three well-known historical blocks in Chengdu. It is composed of three parallel old alleys, namely Kuan Alley, Zhai Alley and Well Alley, among which there are a lot of quadrangle courtyards.

Kuan & Zhai Alley

In the Kuan & Zhai Alley, there are 45 quadrangle courtyards in the style of the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, modern garden villas with both artistic and cultural deposits, newly-constructed courtyard-style boutique hotels and other distinctive buildings. Nowadays, the Kuan & Zhai Alley has become a symbol of modern Chengdu with distinctive regional characteristics and great Ba-Shu culture atmosphere, integrating folk culture, traditional food, fashionable bars, recreation and entertainment together. You can touch the historical traces and experience the leisure lifestyle with Chengdu's original taste and flavor in the Kuan & Zhai Alley. Once stepping into the Kuan & Zhai Alley, you enter the oldest but the most fashionable place with the most distinctive Chengdu features.

Kuan & Zhai Alley

The Kuan Alley is the representative of the folk culture experience centers in Chengdu, with the most distinctive marketplace features and Chengdu features. The exquisite door heads, sycamore trees and old teahouses under the eave, etc constitute the unique attractive elements of the Kuan Alley, which provide opportunities for visitors to experience the local conditions and customs of Chengdu and the basically-lost folk lifestyles of the old Chengdu. As the representative and visiting center of the Kuan Alley, the old Chengdu Life Experience Center displays in a centralized way the living spirit of Chengdu represented by the Kuan & Zhai Alley, in which a one-day living scene of a common household in the period of the Republic of China is presented. The kitchen, study room, central room and bridal room, etc of this household are restored in a courtyard to present the life state of the old Chengdu to visitors.

Kuan & Zhai Alley

As a concentrated reflection of the "Slow Life" of the old Chengdu, the Zhai Alley is an exquisite life experience area themed by western food, artistic entertainment, healthy living center and folk culture, not only integrating the fashions of different countries but also possessing lots of traditional courtyards. If Chengdu is said to be a heaven prefecture, the Zhai Alley will be the "prefecture" of Chengdu. What the Zhai Alley displays is the courtyard culture, and what such courtyards represent is a kind of elite culture and a kind of traditional elegance culture. Garden in dwelling, house in garden, courtyard in house, trees in courtyard, sky above trees and moon in sky… is both a kind of Chinese dream dwelling and the life dream of the Zhai Alley.

Kuan & Zhai Alley

As an area of "New Life", the Well Alley is well-known for an old well drilled during the years of Kangxi Reign, and presents the modern side of the life in Chengdu. You can enjoy various delicious foods in the most beautiful historical block of Chengdu; enjoy the colorful night in the most exquisite traditional buildings of Chengdu; enjoy the free and creative happiness in the most classical long alley of Chengdu.

The western-style building square is the most distinctive building in Well Alley. The French building is said to be a private residence of a wealthy and influential family which was later developed into a church, which reveals the inclusive openness of Chengdu. Absorbing western elements, the Kuan & Zhai Alley, a food leisure area, can better reflect the inclusiveness and internationality of Chengdu.

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