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Leshan Giant Buddha

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Leshan Giant Buddha Travel Guide

1. Leshan Giant Buddha, being 71 meters tall, is the largest stone figure of Buddha on precipices in the world. It is not far away from Mount Emei, so it is suggested that tourists visit both resorts if time is permitted. It is advised that tourists who decide to visit Mount Emei first seek accommodation in Leshan for the night and enter Leshan Giant Buddha Resort early next morning and then return to Chengdu. The advantage of the recommended arrangement is to avoid the large amount of domestic tour groups coming between 8:00-12:00 a.m. which leads to a waste of time. The other way is to enter the resort after 3:00 p.m.; otherwise, it would be very crowded in the resort, in particular on weekends and during long holidays.  2. The Leshan Giant Buddha opens from 7:30-18:30 in season (1st April to 7th October) and from 8:00-17:30 off season (8th October to 31st March).

 Leshan Giant Buddha

3. The most splendid and appealing part in Leshan Giant Buddha Resort is surely to have a close and careful look of the figure of the Buddha.  Since on both sides of the head of the Buddha the space for admiring and photographing is quite small, and the paths on either side of the body of the Buddha are quite narrow and steep, it is strongly advised that tourists get into the resort as early as possible and enjoy carefully the Buddha before the herds of tour groups coming up, which means that the scenery along the road leading to Buddha could be waited for later visit after; otherwise, it would take you 1-2 hours in the queue to squeeze yourself to the sides of the Buddha, and the crowds make it very dangerous, especially on the narrow and steep paths.  

Leshan Giant Buddha

4. Taking a boat is the only way to have panoramic view and photography of the whole Buddha. Tourists could walk 800 meters from the gate to Baxiandong Dock to take the boat, which costs 70 RMB per head. Boarding on the boat requires wearing life jacket, and the whole journey takes about half an hour. Due to the limited width of the river, every boat is allowed to have only 10 minutes to stay in front of the Buddha for photography; therefore tourists should hurry time. Tourists could also choose to Leshan Port Marina on the other side of the river to take the boat in case that there are too many tourists waiting on Baxiandong Dock. The cost and the route are no difference.

Leshan Giant Buddha

5. Bus and bullet train are the main transport from Chengdu to Leshan. In the morning the bus usually sets off from Xin’nanmen Bus Station, and in the afternoon the bus usually sets off from Shiyangchang Bus Station. It goes off every half an hour. At Xin’nanmen Bus Station the last run sets off at 14:50 while at Shiyangchang Station it sets off at 18:50. The whole trip takes about 2 hours and costs 45 RMB.  Tourists could take either No. 3 Bus or No. 13 Bus thereafter to reach Leshan Giant Buddha Resort. In case of taking bullet train, the train takes off from Chengdu to Leshan every one hour from 7:36 in the morning to 20:26 in the evening. The whole trip takes about 1 hour. It costs 54 RMB for second class and 65 RMB for first class. Outside the station, there is a direct tour bus to Leshan Giant Buddha only 100 meters on the right. It costs 5 RMB and takes about 20 minutes. Or tourists could take No. 3 Bus, which costs 1 RMB and takes about 50 minutes.

Leshan Giant Buddha 

6. Tourists could visit the “Jiadingfang”, a massive architectural complex in the style of the ancients. The street stretches more than 500 meters, hosting a wide range of entertainments and commercial places, such as tea houses, hotels, pubs, theaters and bookshops. It represents an integration of tourism shopping, entertainment, restaurants, artworks and the displaying and selling of local specialties. Based on the deep-rooted folk culture, the “Jiadingfang” nurtures and presents the historical and cultural charm that is unique to Leshan. It is recommended to pay a visit if there is plenty of time.

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