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Lius Manor Museum Travel Guide

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  1. Liu’s Manor is the luxurious mansion of the big landlord Liu Wencai, a landlord of Dayi County at the end of the twentieth century, which is of typical western Sichuan architectural style, and also with a blend of western architectural features, such as castle and church architecture generis and so on. Now it has become the Dayi Liu’s Manor Museum, and is divided into the old and the new residence. The old mansion reserves the living place of Liu and his family, Liu's collection, etc.; the new residence has been renovated to the Western Sichuan Folk Gallery, which collects some Western Sichuan folk culture objects, including the large-scale clay sculpture "Rent", which is created in the year 1965 by Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and folk artists groups according to the landlord rent situation, in which 114 life-size figures are formed. It has been repeatedly adapted into comics and published as Chinese and foreign albums, and it has also been moved onto the big screen and drama stage facing the whole nation. Its replica has won acclaim from all major cities at home and abroad.
    Liu’s Manor
  2. The open hour of Liu’s Manor Museum is from 9:00 to 17:00, with the ticket at 40 yuan/person, and after 16 o’clock no admission is allowed. On New Year's Eve, the museum is closed for half a day, while the rest of the year it is opened. Online order usually offers discount. Children younger than 16 years old are allowed free admission under the guide of an adult. Senior people above 70 years old, the disabled and military personnel in active service can enter without ticket when holding relevant certificates. At the ticket office, you can hire a decent for the expository instruction. It is recommended that you finish the visiting within 2 to 3 hour
    Liu’s Manor
  3. From Chengdu to the museum, there are two ways; one is the direct bus to the scenic spot: every day at 10 o’clock at the service center of Wuhou Shrine in Chengdu, there is a direct bus heading for Anren Town. The drive takes about 1.5 hours, and visitors can return at the same day. If you only visit the museum and Anren Ancient Town, without a visit to the Jianchuan Museum, this would be the best solution. Second, from Shiyangchang Bus Station in Chengdu and Chadianzi Bus Station, there are shuttle buses to Anren Town. After arriving at Anren Town Bus Station, you can walk or take a taxi to the museum.
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