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Mt. Siguniang Tours

Mt. Siguniang Tours"Once you step into this land, the mountains, rivers, trees and marvelous sceneries will give you infinite reveries. Siguniang Mountain, rising up over the surrounding mountains at the horizon, looks like a half shy girl who just got married. It is steep, pure and noble with great majesty. Under the blue sky and white clouds, there are high and steep snow peaks, verdant ancient trees, plunging waterfalls and clean spring water. On the fragrant meadows, there are millennium hippophaes as well as fowls and beasts…" Such amazing pictures depict none other than Siguniang Mountain Scenic Spot which possesses the most abundant tourism resources, the most attractive natural landscapes, the most primitive natural sceneries and the most mysterious folk cultures in the world.

Siguniang Mountain is located in Xiaojin County of western Sichuan province, about 210 kilometers from Chengdu. The scenic spot consists of Siguniang Mountains, Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley, covering an area of 45- square kilometers. At an elevation of 6250 meters, the highest peak of Siguniang Mountains, known as "Queen of mountains in Sichuan", is the second highest peak in Sichuan after Mt. Gongga. Siguniang Mountain is an integrative scenic spot with multiple honors, which was rated as a National Nature Reserve in 1996, as an "AAAA" Tourist Attraction in 2001, as a National Geological Park in 2005 and as a World Natural Heritage of Giant Panda Habitat by UNESCO on July 12 of 2006. Over the years, Siguniang Mountain has attracted much attention from the visitors all over the world especially in Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, and has been praised as "Oriental Holy Mountain and Outdoor Adventure Paradise" by the visitors both at home and abroad.

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