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Mugecuo Lake

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Mugecuo Lake Introduction

 Scenic Area is located 17 kilometers from Kangding County, the capital city of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. As a part of Gongga Mountain scenic area, it is 2900 to 3800 meters above sea level, covering an area of 500 square kilometers. Mugecuo Scenic Area is famous for the fantastic springs, alpine lakes, primeval forests, grasslands and snow mountains. It consists of Azalea Canyon, Saimaping, Seven-color Pool, Mugecuo and Honghai Grassland, presenting to tourists the wonderful scenery with unique characteristics.


Azalea Canyon is a flowery girdle running horizontally in Mugecuo Scenic Area. It connects to Seven Color Sea to the east and joins hands with Yeren Sea to the west. The canyon extends eight kilometers with colorful azaleas of different categories. 68 breeds of azaleas assemble here and they start to blossom from mid- April to July, lasting for four months. Azalea Canyon boasts of hot springs, lakes, meadows, grotesque rocks and precipitous peaks, as well as rushing rivers and waterfalls. The canyon presents to tourists the wonderful natural landscape with primitive simplicity.


Seven-color Sea is the best sight in Mugecuo Scenic Area. It is a lake situated on plateau with altitude of 2600 meters and composed of lake water and hot spring. Shaping like crescent, the sea is 20 meters deep and covers an area of 20 hectares. Cuddled by forest and meadow, the lake is famous for the quiet and elegant atmosphere, and the crystal-like, transparent water. The lake water can change its color in different times, varying from red to orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, etc. Therefore it is the wonder of the scenic area. At the right side of the lake sprays a hot spring with curling hot vapor upwards. The temperature of the spring water is around 67℃, for which it is a good place for bath or treatment of disease.


Pool with Curative Effect is the second wonderful scenic spot in Mugecuo Scenic Area. It is three kilometers off the Seven-color Sea, with an altitude of 3500 kilometers. It is endowed with more than 20 hot springs and the temperature could be as high as 90℃. The spring water is of high quality with no peculiar smell; it is good for heart and eyes if infused with tea. The boiling springs here can be categorized into many kinds, such as Clear-sighted Spring, Stomach-improving Spring, and Feet Bath Spring. From ancient times till now, the spring water here is reputed as "divine Water". Early in the Qing Dynasty, the chieftain in Kangding often sent beadles to get the water in the pool, so as to ease disease and prolong life. At the right side of the scenic spot lies the unique and unconventional Medicine Pool Village of primeval simplicity.


The golden sand on the left side of Mugecuo Lake is another highlight of Mugecuo Scenic Area. The sand is soft and golden, which is rare to see around the lake in the western Sichuan plateau. In winter, Mugecuo is like a pure crystal fairyland. The frozen surface of the lake looks like a huge silver mirror against the blue sky, and the lake becomes a natural skating rink.

Honghai Grassland is named after the alpine lake Red Sea and is called "Small Lake" by local people, so that it could be distinguished from the "Big Lake", Muguecuo. There are grass and wildflowers everywhere, allowing tourists to personally experience the beautiful scenery of fragrant Gesang flowers under the snow mountains. Arriving Mugecuo Scenic Area from Kangding, the tourists could take a boat in Mugecuo Lake leading to Honghai Grassland on the opposite side. 

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