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Niubei Mountain

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Niubei Mountain Niubei Mountain Introduction

Niubei (bull back) Mountain

Niubei (bull back) Mountain is situated in Yingjing County of Ya'an City in Sichuan and borders Luding County, with an elevation of 3660 meters. It is so named as there is a large rock protruding from the cliff on one side of the mountaintop like the head of a bull, and the ridge is long and narrow like the back of a bull.

Niubei Mountain

A trip to Niubei Mountain renders trips to other mountains unnecessary. Niubei Mountain enjoys the reputation of being the "China's largest 360-degree panoramic sightseeing platform" for being embosomed in mountains and protruding out in its middle part. Looking around on the top of Niubei Mountain, we can see that Gongga Mountain, the king of mountains in Sichuan, stands upright at the highest point on the west of Niubei Mountain, for which the most spectacular visible landscape appears at sunrise; Jiajin Mountain, Erlang Mountain and Siguniang Mountain, the queen of mountains in Sichuan, rises upright on the northeast of Niubei Mountain, for which both the sunrise and sunset landscapes are visible; Niba Mountain, Niangniang Mountain, Wawu Mountain and Mount Emei stand on the east of Niubei Mountain, for which the sunset landscape is spectacular and clearly visible. Looking around on the ridge, we can appreciate the surrounding snow mountains as well as the cloud sea and cloud fall at the feet which is sometimes gentle like silk and sometimes turbulent like tidewater. The spectacular cloud fall is incomparable. In the folk there is also such praise as "A trip to Niubei Mountain renders other cloud-themed trips unnecessary";

Niubei Mountain

April and May are the best times to visit Niubei Mountain. With an elevation of 3660 meters, Niubei Mountain is very dry in this season, thus with little heavy fog. This is also the best season of a year to enjoy the magnificent cloud sea of Niubei Mountain.

Six wonders of Niubei Mountain

I. Cloud Sea of Niubei Mountain: dense but uniform, sometimes gentle, sometimes turbulent and sometimes pouring down along the ridge. The spectacular cloud falls are incomparable, which give people a feeling of stepping in the air like immortals; the surrounding mountains stretch continuously at random in distinct gradations, and people cannot help feeling that they are too small to wait for flying above the clouds.

Niubei Mountain

II. Sunrise of Niubei Mountain: the scenery at sunrise is beautiful and unexpected. The clouds sometimes disperse and sometimes gather together, which is miracle and unpredictable. Now the mountains are vague and misty with myriads of sun rays, now the clouds move and mountains dance, appears real and unreal, touchable and splendid. In such sceneries, people suddenly have a sense of calmness, indifference and Zen state.

Niubei Mountain

III. Sunset of Niubei Mountain: as it grows dark and the sun sets, the horizon turns blood red and the setting sun renders the rolling clouds more brilliant. It is unexpected that the dusk on the highland is so bright and colorful. When we look at the clouds through the lens, this golden sea is more splendid and glorious in the sunset, and the chains of mountains are rolling with the undulating clouds, which add more romantic charm to the scenery.

Niubei Mountain

IV: Viewing Gongga Mountain from far away: Gongga Mountain, the king of Sichuan's mountains, stands upright at the highest point on the west of Niubei Mountain. Standing on the top of Niubei Mountain, we will have a full view of the king. It may be said Niubei Mountain is the best place to appreciate the beautiful scenery of Gongga Mountain. As the sun rises in the east in the morning, the landscape of the king under the sunshine is getting much more spectacular, and a sense of reverence may come over you.

Niubei Mountain

V. The rare "Light of Buddha" can also be enjoyed here.

Niubei Mountain

VI. Orbit

Niubei Mountain

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