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Sichuan Foods

Because Chengdu is located in the fertile basin of favorable climate, plus it profit from the water irrigation from Dujiangyan, so Chengdu gained its fame as “the Land of Abundance"; And thanks to the difficulty to access Sichuan during the past dynasties, it has been affected little by conflicts and wars, so that the people of Sichuan are able to develop a unique food culture in the long process of history. No matter in the capital city of Chengdu or elsewhere in Sichuan, the people is good at discovering and enjoying good food. In Sichuan, there are not only dazzling local cuisines such as Sichuan Cuisine, hotpot and barbecue, but also food from all over the country or even all over the world, such as French cuisine, Korean barbecue, Japanese cuisine, Thai seafood, Turkey meal and so on. More