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4 Days Mt. Siguniang Mountain-Worship Festival Tour

4 Days Mt. Siguniang Mountain-Worship Festival Tour

Chengdu--Xiaojin County--Chengdu
Duration: 4 days Departure: 28th, May, 2017
Brief: The second highest mountain in Sichuan of 6250 meters stands only 200 km away from Chengdu; this surely is the best and most convenient chance to experience an authentic Tibetan festival in a quick and profound way.
D1: Chengdu-Siguniangshan
D2: Worship Festival
D3: Mt. Siguniang
D4: Siguniangshan-Chengdu
$ per person

Day1 (28th, May): Chengdu - Siguniangshan Town (200km)

Schedule today: Leave hotel in Chengdu at about 8:30 AM, drive about 3.5 hours to reach Siguniangshan Town. On the way, we can see the ruined old panda base damaged during the earthquake in 2008. The road snakes across the beautiful Wolong Nature Reserve, passing by rivers and gorges till it reaches the Balang Mountain tunnel. It’s one of the highest mountain in Sichuan, and sometimes on the mountain, one can see vast spreading clouds-sea. When descending at Maobilang Pass at another side of mountain, one can get the best panoramic view of Mt. Siguniang. In the afternoon, you can choose to visit Shuangqiao Valley of Mt.Siguniang by sightseeing bus or relax yourself by watching the opening ceremony of the mountain-worship festival. Generally, there will be lots of Tibetan style dancing and singing as well as some local folk tradition show during the ceremony. Stay in Siguniang Town tonight.

Shuangqiao Valley of Mt. Siguniang Festival opening ceremony

Day2 (29th, May): Experience Mt. Siguniang Mountain-Worship Festival

Schedule today: Mt. Siguniang (Mt. Four Sisters) Mountain-Worship Festival starts in the morning around 10AM at the Haizi Valley of Mt. Siguniang. The purpose of this festival is to memorize the Four Sisters who sacrificed themselves by turning into mountains to protect the locals from the evil spirit. On this day, local Tibetans living around would dress themselves the best and come to worship Mt. Siguniang, dancing, singing and putting on operas on the grassland. Living Buddha and lamas in the nearby monasteries will come to perform the religious ceremonies. Some other local folk traditions will be shown on too. So, it’s a good opportunity to get a full picture of this tribe of Tibetan here. After the festival, you can choose to hike the beautiful Haizi Valley or back to hotel and rest well for tomorrow’s hiking into Changping Valley of Mt. Siguniang. Stay overnight in Siguniangshan Town.

Haizi Valley of Mt.Siguniang Haizi Valley of Mt.Siguniang

Day3 (30th, July): Explore Changping Valley of Mt. Siguniang

Schedule today: Today we will spend the entire day to explore the Changping Valley by foot, lots of hiking is involved, and horse-riding service (self-paid) is also available throughout this valley. Prepare yourself with some water and snack on the way because there is no restaurant inside the valley. If you choose hiking, today must be a tiring day, but the amazing sceneries on the way definitely pay off at end of the day. Most tourists praise that the Changping Valley is the most beautiful valley of all three valleys. Stay overnight in Siguniangshan Town.

Changping Valley of Mt. Siguniang Changping Valley of Mt. Siguniang

Day4 (31st, May): Siguniangshan Town - Chengdu (200km)

Schedule today: Leave hotel in Siguniang Town at about 8 AM, drive about 2 hours to reach newly opened Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base in Gengda village of Wolong Town. This base is also known as the China Giant Panda Garden compared with the old one damaged during the earthquake in 2008. This panda base is highly simulated to Giant Panda’s habitat and is hidden deep into mountains of Wolong Nature Reserve. Now there are about 32 pandas living here. After having lunch in Gengda Village, drive about 1.5 hours back to Chengdu. Tour ends.

China Giant Panda Garden Wolong Shenshuping anda Base
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