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5 Days Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley Trekking Tourd

5 Days Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley Trekking Tourd

Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Li County
Duration: 5 days Departure: All year around
Changping Valley, Bipeng Valley
This 3 days trekking route from Changping Valley of Mount Siguniangshan to Bipeng Valley in Li County is known as one of the ten most classic trekking routes in China. Snowy Mount Siguniangshan is the second highest mountain in SIchuan with an altitude of 6250 meters, there are lots of stunning sites at the foot of this renowned peak. It is recorded as the most frequently trekked route in western part of Sichuan each year.
D1: Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Rilong
D2: Rilong - Lama Temple - Dry Tree Beach - Muluoi
D3: Muluozi - Dashuiba - Chazigou
D4: Chazigou - Pass - Three Trees - Bipenggou Valley - Li County
D5: Li County - Wenchuan - Dujiangyan - Chengdu
$ per person

Day1: Chengdu - Dujiangyan - Rilong

Schedule today: In the morning, your guide and driver will meet you at your hotel lobby. Then transfer you to Rilong. When you arrive at Rilong, have a nice rest to adapt the altitude. You can also spend your free time to explore this town or go to prepare the stuff you need in your hiking.

Day2: Rilong - Lama Temple - Dry Tree Beach - Muluoi (Hiking about 6 hrs.)

Schedule today: After breakfast, walk to Changping Valley to take sightseeing bus to Lama Temple. Here you will start your 3 day hiking adventure. Today you will hiking from Lama Temple, passing Dry Tree Beach and reach Muluoi Camping Base (altitude: 3760m), which is located on the foot of the Yaomei Peak, the “the youngest sisiter” of Four Girls Mountain(also called Mt. Siguniang).

Changping Valley is about 29km long with about 100 square kilometers. The Mt. Siguniang is sitting at 16km away from the entrance gate. The scenery is stunning. The ancient post ride lined with numerous ancient pines. Lama temple, dry lakes, waterfalls, and etc give a feast to your eyes. In summer, the alpine flowers bloom; in autumn, the leaves become colorful…

Changping Valley Lama Temple
Changping Valley Lama Temple

Day3: Muluozi - Dashuiba - Chazigou (Hiking about 6 hrs.)

Schedule today: Today's trip is easier. After breakfast, leave Muluozi and head to Chazigou, the tail of Changping Valley. You will pass Dashuiba, Turtle Rock, Yangmantai. When you arrive at Chazigou Camping Base(altitude: 3900m), have a nice rest for the next day.

Muluozi Chazigou
Muluozi Chazigou

Day4: Chazigou - Ya Kou - Three Trees - Bipenggou Valley - Li County (Hiking about 10 hrs.)

Schedule today: Get up about 3 or 4 pm. You will start the most difficult part of your trip. About 6km away from the Chazigou to Yakou, the altitude rises up to 4668m with steep slope. After you pass Yakou, the rest part becomes easier, and the scenery is gorgeous. Keep walking, and you will reach Bipeng Valley. Enjoy the White Dragon Waterfall and Droma Lake. Then take the sightseeing bus to Shanghaizi Station. Then head to Li County by car.

Ya Kou Bipeng Valley
Ya Kou Bipeng Valley

Day5: Li County - Wenchuan - Dujiangyan - Chengdu

Schedule today: After breakfast, you will be transferred to Chengdu, passing Wenchuan and Dujiangyuan. Your trip will end up with sweet memories.

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