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Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Class

Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Class

As the national 3A level museum and tourists site, Chuancais (Sichuan Cuisine) Museum now is the only living "eatable museum" in China. With only one hour’s drive from downtown Chengdu and over 6000 pieces of valuable culinary collections displayed, the western-Sichuan folkhouse-like museum now has become one of the most popular sites to spread local culture by showing Sichuan cuisine, liquor, tea, architecture and etc.

Food, our life necessity, is one of few things that can please human’s all 5 senses. So, Chuancais Museum is creatively opening up a new version of living museum by introducing visit beyond eyes and ears, but also enjoy by mouth, nose and hands. The core of Sichuan Cuisine lies in slicing technique, fire control and the procedure of accomplishing the dish. These skills are full of changes, experiences, arts and even wisdom that can only be obtained face to face. "Play with Chuancais" in our Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Class Program is such an opportunity initiated by both Chuancais Museum and to enable international tourists to feel, to experience and to grasp the best flavor in China.

Program Itinerary

Arrival and please your taste buds with local snacks 11:30-13:30

After entering the museum, firstly we will taste a few kinds of snacks as our lunch, including Northern-Sichuan style pea jelly, Tofu pudding, Dandan Noodles, Zhong’s dumpling and etc converge in just one garden complex, revealing Sichuanese nostalgic feelings about street food culture in old days.

Unlimited taste of authentic local snacks
Unlimited taste of authentic local snacks

Visit and learn cultural relics in western-Sichuan garden 13:30-14:00

While lingering around the museum, visitors may enjoy neoclassical garden scenery in an area of 27,000 m². Our Western-Sichuan building complex is decorated with age elements, such as bricks from the Han Dynasty, black wood folding screen with scented rosewood inlay, Sichuan embroidery and hand-carved wooden door from the Qing Dynasty. Over 6,000 antique collections standing by our sides are telling us an over 3000-year-old story about food origin, cooking methods, kitchen wares as well as chefs and its followers.


  • Personal butler service
  • Bilingual tour guide companion
  • Photo-shooting service for free
  • Close look at historic and cultural relics
  • Interactive and professional tour-guiding
  • RMB 4,000,000 pickle jar, world’s most expensive one
  • More than 6,000 collections aging from 4,000 years up to modern times

Visit Raw Material Display Area 14:00-14:30

Here in our brewing factory, 200 odd pots of naturally fermented Pixian chili bean paste is revealing the taste of time. These handmade treasures, aged 1 to 9 years, is well known as the soul of Sichuan Cuisine. Visitors may take part in the strict and sensational process of making paste, which have been produced by "flipping, sun burning and dewing", a traditional way passed down from 300 years ago Qing Dynasty.

Visit Kitchen GodShrine 14:30-15:00

Respected as a grandmaster of all Chinese chefs, kitchen god involves an essential part of Sichuan culinary culture. The museum boasts the largest Kitchen God Ancestral Hall in the world. Here, visitors may participate a worshipful ritual by offering incense and come to have a perception of cherishing food, drinks, families and anything what we have been endowed.

Highlights: Pay respect to Kitchen God, a grandmaster of all Chinese chefs, in the world’s largest kitchen god ancestral hall

A close look at traditional catering culture of sacrifices

Visit Traditional Raw Material Processing ToolsDisplay Area 15:30-16:00

Here, we take pride in our ancestors’ diligence and wisdom by showcasing such traditional raw material processing tools as wind machine, sugar machine, hit machine, stone grinder, etc. Visitors may be glad to try soy bean milk with grinding machine. Then a bowl of delicious spicy or sweet bean curd pudding will be served up as rewards.

Cooking class 16:00-17:00

Under the guidance of our senior chefs, visitors change into chef uniforms and start a cooking class to cook three typical Sichuan dishes, getting sensational experience from firing in the wok, quick stir frying to marvelous presentation. Then our chief executive chef will give comments on students’ outcomes and award them with "rookie master chef " certificate.

Cooking Class Lessons:
Package A:Panda Steamed Dumplings, Kung Pao Chicken, Mapo Tofu
Package B:Pumpkin steamed dumplings, Daqian Dry-braised Fish, Boiled Beef in Hot Chili Oil


  • VIP separate cooking classroom
  • Customized Zwilling kitchen wares
  • Discovery of Secret tips for Sichuan cookery
  • Rookie Master Chef Certificate awarded by chief executive chef

Enjoying the meal 17:00-18:00

While sharing the delicious food with friends, visitors may also enjoy extra free service with daily soup, steamed rice, pickles as well as fruit juice, white spirit brewed with traditional Chinese herbs. What’s more, a recipe for dishes on the class will be delivered to students.


  • Thousands-year-old rosewood tables
  • Home-made pickles and seasonal fruits for free
  • Recipe for the package on the class
  • Traditional Chinese medicine wine for free
  • Unlimited taste of beverage like fresh fruit juice, red wine, beer, just name a few.

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