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5 Days Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong Exclusive

5 Days Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong Exclusive

Duration: 5 days Departure: April to November
Doubtless that Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong are the most naturally beautiful area in Sichuan drawing the most tourists, but what this tour exclusively differs from other Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong tours are the visits to the very special Baoen Temple and Sanxingdui Museum.
D1: Chengdu--Songpan
D2: Songpan--Jiuzhaigou
D3: Visit Jiuzhaigou
D4: Jiuzhaigou--Jiangyou
D5: Jiangyou --Chengdu
$370 per person

Day1: Chengdu— Taoping Qiang Village—Songpan (320km)

Schedule today: After breakfast, leave hotel in Chengdu at about 8 AM, drive 150 km (2.5 hours) mainly along express way to reach Taoping Qiang Village which is called the “mysterious oriental castles”, the village consists of the most well preserved rock-piled dwellings and watch-towers that still have dwellers of the Qiang minority people today. Afterwards, drive 195 km (4 hours) to Songpan County and stay overnight there. The ancient county has a history of nearly 2300 years, now you can still see the ancient city-wall built nearly 700 years ago. In front of the main gate of the city-wall stands the statue of Princess Wencheng and Tibetan King Songtsen Gampo, it is recorded that the Tibetan marriage-proposal caravan sent by the King passed here.  

Taoping Qiang Village Songpan County

Taoping Qiang Village

Songpan County

Day2: Songpan—Huanglong Valley—Jiuzhaigou (190km)

Schedule today: After breakfast, leave hotel at about 9 AM, it takes one and half hour to reach the famous Huanglong scenic valley that is reputed as the Pool of Immortals, it takes up 4 to 5 hours to go through all places inside. We advise you to take cable car upwards and walk down leisurely to appreciate scenery because of the high altitude here. Water melted from imposing snowcapped mountains behind cascades quietly along different layers of calcite pools, in warm sunlight, the pools appear various shades of blue, plus primeval forest and solemn temple, all this makes you fancy as if you were the immortals by the pools. Drive 130km (3 hours) to Jiuzhaigou Valley afterwards, stay overnight there.    

Huanglong Valley Huanglong Valley

Huanglong Valley

Huanglong Valley

Day3: Visit Jiuzhaigou the whole day

Schedule today: Jiuzhaigou Valley (National Park)’s scenery of waters is recognized as the most beautiful in China, this plateau fairyland of lakes, ponds, creeks, waterfalls with its snowcapped mountains, ancient forest and rare animals make it a World Natural Heritage site. The valley is very big, it’s impossible to finish it one day by foot even if you take sightseeing bus sometimes. We advise you to explore mostly by foot only the right upper part of the “Y” shaped valley, this part is called “Rize Valley”, and it contains the most beautiful sceneries of this fairyland. If you also want to see some other parts of this valley today, you have to spend more time on sightseeing buses.

Jiuzhaigou Valley  Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Day 4: Jiuzhaigou Valley—Pingwu County—Jiangyou (300 km)

Schedule today: Leave hotel about 8 AM after breakfast. Drive towards Chengdu but not via the same way we come from, we will drive southeast firstly to Pingwu County where we will visit the most special temple in Chinese history—Bao’en Temple that is known as the Forbidden City Hidden in the Mountains. The temple was built nearly 600 years ago and firstly served as the palace for the local governor who dreamed an emperor’s life, so he presumptuously built the palace by imitating the real Forbidden City in Beijing. But later, this was disclosed and he immediately changed the palace into a temple and named it “Bao’en” which means “repay-kindness”, and this saved him from capital offense. Not only the layout of the temple is a miniature of the Forbidden City but also all the construction materials used to be exclusive to the royal families only. Plus, it also features also very high architectural technology and art, now it’s the scientific research base for the architecture majors at Tsinghua University.    

Bao’en Temple

Bao'en Temple

Bao'en Temple

Day 5: Jiangyou—Sanxingdui Museum—Chengdu (167 km)

Schedule today: After breakfast at the hotel in Jiangyou, drive 127 km to visit world famous Sanxingdui Museum in Guanghan City. The excavation of Sanxingdui relic is one of greatest archeological discoveries in the 20th Century, it proves Sichuan’s history can date back to more than 4000 years ago and the civilization in the upper reach of Yangtse River is also one cradles of Chinese civilization like the Yellow River. Some people say this is the best museum in China, some people say this is the best archeological museum in China, whatever people said, Sanxingdui Museum is worth a visit if you are anywhere close to Chengdu. Its exquisite and alien pottery, bronze, gold and jade wares are thrilling aesthetically even they were made 4000 year ago. About 3 hours to explore the museum, so it will be about 4 PM that we can go back to Chengdu.

Bao’en Temple

Sanxingdui Ruins Museum

Sanxingdui Ruins Museum


Price in USD for this 5 days Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong Exclusive Private Tour in 2017

  April - June July - August   September - Nov.15th
    2-3 pax USD 858 p/p USD 946 p/p USD 1026 p/p
    4-5 pax USD 553 p/p USD 597 p/p USD 642 p/p
    6-7 pax USD 452 p/p USD 482 p/p USD 510 p/p
    8-9 pax USD 401 p/p USD 423 p/p USD 446 p/p
    10-11pax USD 370 p/p USD 385 p/p USD 418 p/p


  1. Transportation. An experienced driver with licensed tourist vehicle, vehicle type depends on group size.
  2. Mandarin and English speaking local tour guide from Chengdu.
  3. Entrance fee to all attractions mentioned in the itinerary.
  4. Sightseeing bus fee in Jiuzhaigou.  
  5. Travel insurance for accident only.
  6. Mineral water. One bottle / day  
  7. Guide and driver's food and accommodation.


  1. Meals.
    **Our guide can show you where to have meal depends on your preference
  2. Accommodations.
    **There are many budget, midrange to luxury hotels on the way, you can book by yourself or we can book for you.
  3. Air or train tickets to arrive and leave Chengdu.
  4. Cable car in Huanglong Valley (uphill = RMB 80, downhill = RMB 40)
    **You can choose hiking all the way if your physical condition allows or we advise you to buy uphill only and hiking down if you want start easy.
  5. Any personal expense like beverage, phone call, laundry, dance-show and etc
  6. Chinese visa fee
  7. Tips to guide and driver
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