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8 Days Shangri-La Panoramic Highlights

8 Days Shangri-La Panoramic Highlights

Chengdu--Xiaojin County--Daocheng--Ya'an--Chengdu
Duration: 8 days Departure: All year around
Since the word Shangri-La created, it has developed into synonyms equaling to the Promised Land, Heaven and Eden on books. And places in this eight days tour perfectly define what a “Shangri-La” should look like on earth.
D1-D2: Chengdu-Siguniangshan
D3: Siguniang-Xinduqiao
D4: Xinduqiao - Shangri-La
D5: Explore Yading Nature Reserve
D6-D7: Shangri-La - Ya'an
D8: Ya'an - Chengdu
$790 per person

Day1: Chengdu - Dujiangyan City - Siguniangshan Town (220km)

Schedule today:Leave hotel in Chengdu at about 7:30 AM, drive about 1 hour to visit the Dujiangyan Irrigation Project that under the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. This great project was built more than 2000 year ago, now it is the world's oldest no-dam water works still benefiting people today, it's this project brought Sichuan civilization into a new era and made Sichuan "A Land of Abundance". After a quick lunch in Dujiangyan City, drive another 40 minutes to Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base (aka China Giant Panda Garden), it is 20 km east from the old base damaged in the earthquake and 6 times bigger. This base is highly simulated to Giant Panda's natural habitat and hidden deep into mountains. Now there are about 32 pandas living here. Afterwards, we drive 2 hours towards Mt. Siguniang. The road snakes across the beautiful Wolong Nature Reserve, passing by rivers and gorges till it reaches the Balang Mountain tunnel. It's one of the highest mountain in Sichuan, and sometimes on the mountain, one can see vast spreading clouds-sea. When descending at Maobilang Pass at another side of mountain, one can get the best panoramic view of Mt. Siguniang. Stay overnight in Siguniangshan Town.

Dujiangyan Irrigation Project Wolong Shenshuping Panda Base

Day2: Explore Mt. Siguniang

Schedule today:Mt. Siguniang consists of 3 big valleys, namely Shuangqiao Valley, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley; as Shuangqiao Valley is possible to visit mostly by sightseeing bus with some good hiking trails, Changping Valley and Haizi Valley are suitable for enthusiastic hikers, both valleys take one full day to explore by foot, horse-riding service (self-paid) is available throughout those two valleys also. Bring yourself with some water and snack on the way because there is no restaurant inside the valleys. If you choose hiking, today must be a tiring day, but the amazing sceneries on the way definitely pay off at end of the day. Most tourists praise that those 3 valleys plus the peaks compose the most beautiful pictures in western Sichuan. Stay overnight in Siguniangshan Town.

Haizi Valley Changping Valley

Day3: Siguniangshan Town - Xinduqiao Town (258km)

Schedule today: Leave hotel in Siguniangshan Town at about 8 AM, drive about 2.5 hours west towards Danba County, there we will visit the famous Jiaju Tibetan Village which was awarded as the TOP of the "China's Six Most Beautiful Ancient Villages" by Chinese National Geography in 2003. After lunch in Danba County, we leave south for Xinduqiao Town, on the way we can also see famous Yala Holy Mountain from its west face. 2.5 hours later, we will firstly arrive at Tagong Grassland which is noted for its stunning nomadic views; a short-time horse riding (self-paid) is possible if you want to try. Afterwards, drive towards Xinduqiao Town that is famed by photographers as the Heaven of Photography, because the autumn color of miles of huge and tall trees on both sides of road in Xinduqiao Town is highly fascinating. Stay in Xinduqiao Town tonight.

Jiaju Tibetan Village Tagong Grassland

Day4: Xinduqiao Town - Shangri-La Town (410km)

Schedule today: After breakfast, leave hotel at about 9 AM, today we're going to Shangri-La Town of Daocheng County where the dreamland Shangri-La core area of Yading Nature Reserve is located. It'll be an 8-hours driving, a total of 410 kilometers on well paved road. Driving along the road above 4500 meters high and looking afar, the distant snow-capped mountains rolling into a white-line. Those are some stunning views worthy of your whole life's memory. Reach Shangri-La Town around 6 PM and rest good for tomorrow's stunning discovery.

Haizi Mountain Red Grassland

Day5: Explore Yading Nature Reserve

Schedule today: Enter the Yading Nature Reserve (Last Shangri-la) in the morning and explore it a whole day. The reserve was listed onto the World Man and Biosphere Reserve Network by the UNESCO in July 2003 and seen as the core area of Shangri-La. The most stunning view is the three snow-clad peaks that connote three doctrine-defended supernatural peaks in Buddhism. Their beauty and magnificence comes from the nature and their spirit comes from the god. A legend says in 800AD that Padmasambhava extended his blessings and power to these three peaks and named the mighty east peak Guardian, the graceful north peak Avalokitesvara and the tall and nice south peak Manjusri. So these three peaks are white sacred peaks respected by local people. At their foot are vast meadows with clean streams flowing. The dense forests, alpine willow trees on the bank of rivers, valleys unified with the precipitous cliffs around exist harmoniously in this quiet world. Stay in Shangri-La Town tonight.

Yading Nature Reserve Yading Nature Reserve

Day6: Shangri-La Town - Litang County - Yajiang County (345km)

Schedule today:Leave hotel in Shangri-La Town around 8:30AM, reach Litang County 4 hours later. We will firstly have lunch and then visit the oldest and largest Tibetan Buddhism monastery in the Kham area--Litang Monastery that boasts a history of almost 500 years. Historically, the birth of the Dalai Lama VII and the Dalai Lama X occurred in Litang, which extended its influence. Dalai Lama VII has once been lecturing at the Litang Monastery, and during his stay, the monastery gained huge reputation. Afterwards, drive 2.5 hours to Yajiang County. Stay overnight here.

Litang Monastery Litang Monastery

Day7: Yajiang County - Ya'an City (330km)

Schedule today: After breakfast, leave hotel at about 8:30. About 3 hours later, we can reach Kangding City, the capital of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. No stop but continues to drive 1 hour to reach Luding County where we will have our lunch. After lunch, we can spend some time to visit the famous Luding Bridge which was built under Emperor Kangxi's reign in 1706. The bridge made its real big fame later on May 29, 1935 during the Long March of the Red Army. The commando, led by 22 warriors, crawled forward along the iron chains (without plank) under the enemy's gunfire and cleared up the bridge guards at one stroke. Afterwards, drive 3-4 hours to reach Ya'an City which is famous for its tea culture. Stay overnight in Ya'an City.

Kangding City Luding Bridge

Day8: Ya'an City - Chengdu

Schedule today: After breakfast, drive 15 km to visit Mt. Mengding, the altitude, soil and climate there are very suitable for growing tea, so as far back as over 2,000 years ago in the Western Han Dynasty, "the ancestor of tea planting", Wu Lizhen, began to plant domesticated wild tea trees on Mt. Mengding, which symbolizes the beginning of a human-plant tea history. Thus, Mt. Mengding is generally recognized as the birthplace of the world's tea civilization and the origin of the world's tea culture. Today, besides seeing the tea trees planted all over the mountain, you can also visit Tea Culture Museum, Royal Tea Garden and have a cup of tea in the courtyard outside of the Tiangai Temple in which Wu Lizhen's statue is placed in center for worship. Drive back to Chengdu in the afternoon, it only takes 1.5 hours from Mt. Mengding to Chengdu. Tour ends. By the way, if you are not interested in Chinese tea culture, you can choose to skip Mt. Mengding, instead, we can drive directly back to Chengdu from Ya'an City. And this only takes 2 hours on the way.

Mt. Mengding Mt. Mengding


Price in USD for this 8 days Shangri-la Panoramic Highlights Private Tour in 2017

  March-June July-August   September-Nov.15th  
2 pax USD 1703 p/p USD 1820 p/p USD 1875 p/p
3 pax USD 1204 p/p USD 1335 p/p USD 1377 p/p
4 pax USD 1045 p/p USD 1108 p/p USD 1156 p/p
5 pax USD 950 p/p USD 1009 p/p USD 1039 p/p
6 pax USD 937 p/p USD 1028 p/p USD 1073 p/p
7 pax USD 893 p/p  USD 962 p/p USD 1000 p/p
8 pax USD 853p/p USD 913 p/p USD 946 p/p
9 pax USD 798 p/p USD 879 p/p USD 905 p/p
10 pax USD 790 p/p USD 845 p/p USD 870 p/p


  1. Transportation. An experienced driver with licensed tourist vehicle, vehicle type depends on group size.
  2. Mandarin and English speaking local tour guide.
  3. Entrance fee to all the mentioned sites in the itinerary.
  4. Sightseeing bus in the Yading Nature Reserve.
  5. Clean and comfortable 3* standard hotel on the way for 8 nights. Twin sharing.    
  6. Travel insurance for accident only.
  7. Mineral water. One bottle / day.  
  8. Guide and driver’s food and accommodation.


  1. Meals. (Normally, 3* hotels in China do not provide breakfast, if ever, it’s some simple Chinese style breakfast including just congee, eggs and some vegetable)  
    **Our guide can show you where to have meal depends on your preference
  2. Air tickets to arrive and leave Chengdu.
  3. Any kind of fee on Cable car, horse-riding and electric-automobile
  4. Any personal expense like beverage, phone call, laundry, shows and etc
  5. Chinese visa fee
  6. Tips to guide and driver
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