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Sichuan Tours

Sichuan province, the Land of Abundance, is blessed with abundant natural and cultural resources that make this charming land one of the most visited tourists’ destinations home and abroad. Located at the transitional region from plain to plateau, Sichuan presents various landscapes and made many classic and popular tours. Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong Valley on highland define what the best natural sceneries of mountains and waters are; Mt. Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha on rolling hills perfectly blend themselves with culture and religion; Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and Mt. Qingcheng in basin harmoniously neighboring each other for thousands of years, witnesses the vicissitudes of history. The above all mentioned scenic spots are all listed on World Heritage Site by the UNESCO; none of them will let you down if you are looking for classic Sichuan tours. Moreover, “classic” does not mean World Heritage Sites only; Sichuan also boasts its history honored ancient cultures, among them many still remain unanswered today, such as Jinsha Site and Sanxingdui Ruins Museum. The ancient towns nearby Chengdu are also worthy of your time if you want a relaxed afternoon, such places include Huanglongxi and Luodai.

For many years, Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong in northern part of Sichuan remain the top 2 visited tourists’ destinations, particularly favored by those who born an adventurous mind and love nature more. The region’s picturesque landscapes and charming fairytales turn this world natural heritage place into a fairyland on earth. Find out more at our Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong tours
Despite there are several self-proclaimed “Shagri-la” in the world and one officially registered “Shagri-la” in China, it never hinders enthusiastic Shagri-la-minded people from locating the most authentic one in Sichuan. Follow this most beautifully imagined word to approach the ideal pure land on earth. Find out more at our Shagri-la Tours.
Those tours combines two exceptional mountains that not very high in altitude but highly sacred in Sichuan and in China at large. When Buddhism was introduced to China about 2000 years ago, the first Buddhist temple was built on Mt. Emei, now making the mountain one of the holiest in China. When Chinese ancestors carved the giant Buddha by mountain-cliff 1300 years ago, they had no plan to set a record but now it is world’s highest and largest. What’s more, this region offers more than sacred mountain and Buddha; please find out more at our Leshan & Mt. Emei tours.
As the reconstruction of highway to Mt. Siguniang completely finished in Oct, 2016, Mt. Siguniang was immediately spotlighted after 8 years’ seclusion due to the earthquake in 2008. Being the Queen of Mountains in Sichuan and Outdoorsmen’s Heaven, its charm yet never perishes, now this charming queen in heaven is only 3.5 hours driving from Chengdu. Find out more at our Mt. Siguniang Tours.
Dujiangyan Irrigation Project & Mt. Qingcheng are the closet World Heritage sites to Chengdu at a distance of only 56 km, and they are on both the World Natural and Cultural Heritage name list. Often, this place is reputed as the “back garden” or “lung” of Chengdu because of its green environment and fresh air. If you want to learn something about Chinese wisdom, intelligence, philosophy, Kungfu and Taoism regimen, find more at our Dujiangyan & Mt. Qingcheng tours.
Tibet is surely one of the top dreamed destinations among international travelers, while tourists arduously seek a “permitted” tour to Lhasa but still even couldn’t rest all assured, they’d better be reminded that Tibet actually consists mainly 3 parts, compared with Lhasa area, the permit-free Kham and Amdo areas are more beautiful naturally and more primitive religiously. Find out more at our Kham & Amdo Tours.