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Silk Road Tours

Originated from Xi'an, the Silk Road, just like a long belt with shining gems, connects China with different shining ancient civilizations including Indian, Persian, Arabic, Greek and Roman. For over 2000 years' history, the communication along this road between two of the most important continentals in this world has never ceased. It exchanges not only in goods, but also in ideology, culture, art, religion and etc. The journey is also a gripping adventure from pastoral homeland to unknown foreign place by crossing arduous grassland and desert. Today, though the once unhurried caravans on the road may have been replaced by speedy cargo trains, and the once quiet way-stations on the road may have turned into bustling metropolis, yet the significance of the Silk Road as the artery between east and west never decays.

Historical Xi'an, though does not possess any imperial air as many ancient powerful emperies' capital city, yet today it is still the best place to seek roots of the Chinese culture; Impregnable Jiayuguan Pass and Great Wall, though do not have to defend against invaders any more, yet today they still stand solid and solemn, reminding us of many gripping stories; Artistic Dunhuang Grottoes, though does not have any more preachers or painters, yet today it turns into one of the best places for scholars and researchers; Multicultural Kashgar, though does not see international caravans any more, yet today it might still remain one of the most charming and unique destinations on the Silk Road. Besides those you might have heard, there are still many cozy oases, picturesque snowy mountains, turquoise highland lakes, characteristic nomad views and adventurous desert. The Silk Road tour is not only a discovery into a legendary culture but also an expedition into a marvelous nature.

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