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Tea & Panda Hotel

Tea & Panda Hotel

the nearest Tibetan area to Chengdu


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Chengdu to Mount Siguniangshan Town

Tea & Panda Hotel is located in the center of Mount Siguniangshan Town that is only 200km away from Chengdu. The town is known as the nearest Tibetan area to Chengdu, but more famous for its graceful snowy peaks of Mount Siguniangshan ( Four Sisters Mountain) , picturesque valleys and authentic Tibetan flavors.

Tea & Panda Hotel is one of the most important investments in the travel industry directly made by the founders of We established not a property as a shelter for tourists, but a home for people who love Sichuan and Tibetan cultures. At our hotel, you will not only have a chance to learn something about tea and panda, two of the most important items that firstly made their name from Sichuan, but also something about Ancient Tea Horse Road as well as something about the very exceptional and interesting Tibetan culture.

Our professionalism in inbound tourism and our love to our homeland make us one of few local hotels can understand customers’ needs in their language, can help to organize trekking or mountaineering to Mount Siguniangshan with high efficiency, can give travelers insightful guide to local Tibetan community.
If you are now planning a trip to Mount Siguniangshan, feel free to contact us to either organize your trip or just book your hotel with Tea & Panda.
Tea and Panda Hotel
No.7, Jinfeng Village, Siguniangshan Town, Xiaojin County, Aba, Sichuan
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Tea & Panda Hotel
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