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The First Bend of the Yellow River

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The First Bend of the Yellow River Introduction

The First Bend of the Yellow River is located in Tangke Township, Zoige County, the junction area of Sichuan, Qinghai and Gansu provinces. It has an altitude of 3430 m above sea level, with an average annual temperature of 2 ℃. It lies 68 km away from the county of Zoige, more than 500 kilometers away from the city of Chengdu.

The First Bend of the Yellow River

The Yellow River is the cradle for the Chinese nation to grow and multiply; it is carrying the long history of five thousand years of the Chinese civilization. Known as the "Mother River" of the Chinese nation, the Yellow River has two of the most famous attractions, one of which is the very magnificent Hukou Waterfall, another breathtakingly beautiful First Bend of the nine bends of the Yellow River. This is the scenery spot formed next to Suoke Tibetan Monastery, Tangke Township, Zoige County, where the Yellow River flows through Sichuan province.

The First Bend of the Yellow River

This cross-section of the Yellow River here is in diameter of 300 meters, while that of Baihe River is of 400 meters. This section of the Yellow River acts as the border of Sichuan and Gansu Provinces, with its West Gansu and East Sichuan. From the side of Gansu Province flows the Yellow River in, while the Baihe River dropping from above into the First Bend of the Yellow River, forming an "S"-shape. The Yellow River water floats from the end of the sky like a fairy streamer, at the edge of Sichuan gently posting a touch and turning back to Qinghai, hence the First Bend of the Yellow River with nine bends.

The First Bend of the Yellow River

Here you can appreciate the clear river water and its flat potential. Staying as the picturesque and spectacular background are the blue sky, green grass and flowers, also tents, smokes, horses, sheep and hovering eagles. Among the nine bends, the First Bend of the Yellow River boasts its most beautiful scenery at sunset, when the gradually red turning Sun goes down the mountains, with the whole valley being enveloped in a golden glory. The First Bend of the Yellow River at sunset is a mixture with natural splendor and the desolate setting sun, truly captivating.

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