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What is Tibet Travel Permit?

Tibet Travel Permit (TTP) is issued by the Tibet Tourism Bureau, also known as Tibet Visa, which is the official documents that allows international travelers to enter and travel in Tibet. It's two pieces of A4 paper. In one of the papers, you will see your full name, nationality, passport number, date of birth, gender and occupation. In another paper, your itinerary in Tibet is written clearly. With the permit, you can visit Lhasa, Shigatse, Everest, Mt. Kailash, etc. And most importantly, when you board train or flight to Lhasa, the permit will be checked at train station or airport. 

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Tibet Travel Permit Page 1

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  • What documents are required to travel to Tibet?

    With passport and Chinese visa, you can visit any place in mainland China. While if you want to travel into Tibet, apart from passport and Chinese visa, a Tibet Travel Permit is required.
  • How to apply for Tibet Travel Permit?

    Since the foreigners are not allowed to travel into Tibet alone, so they can not apply for the Tibet Permit by themselves. So, you need to book a Tibet tour with a travel agency in Tibet, the tour includes guide, vehicle, accommodation and also the Tibet Permit.
  • Where and when can I get Tibet Travel Permit?

    According to the rules, we can start to apply for the Tibet Permit about 20-30 days before your departure, and the permit will be issued to your Tibet operator about 5-7 days before your trip.
  • Can I travel to Tibet without a Tibet Travel Permit?

    The international tourists are not allowed to enter Tibet without Tibet Travel Permit according to the government policy. There are two ways you can enter Tibet, by train or by flight.
  • How much is a Tibet Travel Permit?

    The Tibet Tourism Bureau issues the travel permit at no charge, that is to say the permit itself costs no penny. However, please also note that there is no "permit-only" service, to get the Tibet travel permit, you have to book a pre-organized tour including tour guide,
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