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Sichuan lies in the transitional zone between the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and the Yangtze River Plain In the hinterland of southwestern China. Lofty snowy peaks, endless plateau, rolling mountains, vast hills and turbulent rivers slope dramatically from west to east, making Sichuan a land of abundance with great variety of picturesque landscapes of rich fauna and flora.

With lively peaks, mountains and gorges around, Sichuan made its name known to mountaineers, trekkers, hikers and explorers long time ago. In the 1860s, French naturalist Armand David made his discovery journey to Mt. Jiajin area, there he firstly discovered and named the Giant Panda, Golden Monkey and other more than 300 types of new species in the world. At the beginning of the 20th century, British botanist Ernest Henry Wilson travelled into mountainous areas in Sichuan 4 times to collect species and eventually transplanted more than 1500 different plants to the west. In the 1920s, Joseph Charles Francis Rock, Austrian-America explorer and geographer, made two in-depth exploration tours into Gongga Mountain and Daocheng & Yading area, he publish his pictures on National Geographic, which aroused unprecedented attentions.Upon Rock’s exploration in Daocheng & Yading, British-American writer James Hilton published his novel Lost Horizon in 1933, in that book the word “Shangri-La” firstly appeared.

Whether to view some ultimate beautiful landscapes or to discover some unique hidden traditions, or even expect some most rare fauna and flora, hiking or trekking in Sichuan can meet all those your demands. Mountain Gongga (alt.7556m), Mountain Siguniangshan (alt.6250m), Genyen Holy Mountain (alt.6205m) in western Sichuan Tibetan area, Mountain Emei (alt. 3099m) of time-honored Buddhism culture, Mountain Qingcheng (alt.1040m) of Chinese Taoism birthplace, fairyland of Jiuzhaigou National Park, Mountain Niubei (alt.3660m) with reputation of best sightseeing platform in Asia are all best destinations for hikers and trekkers who expect to experience Sichuan’s nature and culture in a closer manner. Check out our most popular Sichuan hiking and trekking tours below.

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