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Yala Snow Mountain

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Yala Snow Mountain Introduction

Yala Snow Mountain is located in the southeast of Daofu County, 147 kilometers away from Kangding and 500 kilometers away from Chengdu. Its peak is 5820 meters above the sea level, and it is one of the hugest snow mountains of Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The peak is covered with snow and wrapped by cloud throughout the year. The mountain is sacred to Huiyuan Monastery and the Tibetans around, who bow and kneel in worship there. The mountain is called “the second Shambhala (mythical kingdom)” in ancient Tibetan books. If you look at the mountain from Tagong Grassland, you will see that it is like a lotus-shaped throne; from Bamei Town, like a crown; and from Nongge Mountain, like a sitting Buddha. All looks vivid.

Yala Snow Mountain 

At the western foot of Yala Snow Mountain, there is a waterfall, approximately 60 meters high. Melted snow runs down the cliffs with a roar magnificently. It flows along a stream into Youtso Lake, which covers an area of 1 square kilometer. The Lake shows light-yellow, light-green, lake-green, blue and deep-blue from the edge to the center. In the morning, it is quiet and smooth like a mirror; the reflections in the Lake are attractive. In the afternoon, the Lake is ruffled by a breeze in the sunshine, looking like filled with silver bits. Around the Lake are arrays of randomly-placed stones, the remains of ancient snow mountains.  Pilgrims have a tradition of piling towers with stones on the arrays to pray for peace. To the north of the Lake are forests of redwoods, which become light-yellow and orange in autumn. To the west of the Lake are small hills that are a little rolling. In summer, colorful wild flowers grow on the hills. Behind the arrays situated to the south of the Lake, there are bushes. On the hills that are located to the west of the redwoods, there is a forest of azaleas. In May, azaleas bloom and suffuse an exquisite fragrance all around. Azaleas with small leaves can be seen everywhere, growing in light-purple, purple, pink and light-yellow clusters.

Yala Snow Mountain 

Around the Yala Snow Mountain, there are animals like Snow Leopard, Leopard, White-Lipped Deer, Tibetan Antelope and Black Bear, rare tree species such as Redwood, Fir, Spruce and Birch, as well as endangered medicinal plants including Cordyceps and Snow Lotus Herb.

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