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Yunnan & Guizhou

Want a taste of traditional Chinese culture with a splash of distinctive aesthetic? Want to see some of the most gorgeous and unique landscapes in the world? Do you prefer mild to warm weather when you travel? Then our Yunnan and Guizhou tours have exactly what you’re looking for. As the neighbors of Sichuan, these two provinces help world travelers fully immerse themselves in the varied landscapes of China.

The Yunnan and Guizhou provinces have some of the most biodiversity that the world has to offer. In fact, Yunnan has the most diverse plant life in China, and Guizhou isn’t far behind. While Yunnan takes first prize for the most plant life, Guizhou prides itself on its wildlife, especially its beautiful birds. These places have such a vast variety because they have so many landscapes that exist side by side. The snowy mountains, primeval forests, alpine lakes, turbulent rivers, and more provide natural habitats for plants and animals that don’t usually live so close together. Different landscapes wait around every corner, and many of them are rich with stories.  Biodiversity isn’t the only kind of diversity that Yunnan and Guizhou provide. They both contain a lot of cultural diversity as well. Plenty of different people call these two provinces home. Yunnan alone has 25 (Guizhou has 18 ) different ethnic minorities within its borders. During your trip, you’ll get close to see a wide range of lifestyles. You’ll hear a lot of different languages, learn about several different religions, and perhaps even pick up some new philosophies about life. These provinces not only offer various cuisines, but they have no shortage of visual and auditory feasts, either.

Ready to get your own taste of Yunnan and Guizhou? Want to expand your worldview? Book your tour with us today. Once you visit, you’ll never view the world in the same way.

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