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Zoige Grassland

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Zoige Grassland Introduction

Zoige Grassland is a basin standing at the eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau at an altitude of 3300-3600 meters. It is like a mosaic of magnificent dazzling emerald embedded in the Northwest Sichuan border, known as the "Northwest Plateau Oasis", one of China's three major wetlands. Its administrative region includes Zoige, Hongyuan, Aba, Songpan in Sichuan Province, with a total area of about 53,000 square kilometers and a total population of 261,500.

Zoige Grassland

The 10,620 square kilometers land of Zoige is blessed with meandering scenery, simple folk customs, rich cultural heritage and diverse animal and plant resources. Here boasts the winding and graceful First Bend of the Yellow River, the world's largest peat swamp wetland plateau grassland homes to the Sichuan sika deer population – the only flock in the world, a boundless prairie of Re’er, the moistly fantasy Flower Lake, the rocky and mountainous peaks of nearby Langmusi, the densely enshrouding Jiangzha thermal spring, the luxuriant primitive forests, magnificently magical religious culture and colorful Amdo Tibetan culture and customs.

Zoige Grassland

Here can also be found the Zoige Wetland National Nature Reserve, the Natural Reserve of Black-necked Cranes as Protected Animals at the National Level and Sika Deer Nature Reserve. 1163 kinds of plants have been identified; in addition to a wide range of animals, among which there are 251 kinds of vertebrates. Habitats are black-necked crane, Tibetan duck, white stork, sika deer, red pandas, giant pandas and other rare birds and animals.

Zoige Grassland

Summer is the golden season of grasslands, where crisp air enables a high visibility. Between heaven and earth is where green grass, flowers, and faint aroma can be seen. The grassland is dotted with numerous small lakes, with their blue waters and river vines linking up large and small lakes, which hold crystal clear water and countable fishes. Every year in mid-September, the mountains and plains of structured leaves descend from the summit to the valley, competing with each other in blooming.

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